How To Avoid Chafing

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Published: 09th December 2010
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For people who love to work out, chafing can be really painful and uncomfortable. It is a skin condition caused by friction and moisture. Successive chafing can cause open wounds and can irritate your skin really bad. Chafing can affect a personís ability to perform at his best. To avoid this from happening to you, always take preventive measures. Here are some tips to help you.

Tip 1: Make it a habit to bathe before you work out. Accumulating salt crystals on your skin as a result from previous sweat increases your chances of chafing. Take a shower to help you acquire clean skin. A quick lukewarm shower should do the trick.

Tip 2: Apply powder to body parts that are prone to sweating and chafing. These include inner thighs, neck, feet, and armpits. Use a good amount of powder of these areas to keep them dry.

Tip 3: Drink plenty of water before you workout. Drinking glasses of water while youíre on your workout also helps. Consume at least one gallon of water supply every day. A good amount of water will allow you to sweat freely. This prevents the formation of salt crystals on your skin and; therefore, prevents chafing as well.

Tip 4: Wear proper outfit. Instead of wearing loose-fitting shorts, opt for bike shorts instead. Choosing snug-fitting clothes can prevent your skin from chafing instead of loose clothes.

Tip 5: Rub a lubricant onto your thighs. Do this before doing any activity. Lubricants like petroleum jelly, commercial sport skin creams or udder creams can help skin glide without friction or rubbing.

Chafing is common when doing strenuous physical activities but individuals who do beach work outs are more likely to experience chafing. Despite this, more and more people still go to the beach to exercise and to do activities under the sun. Beach fun is simply irresistible that even painful skin irritation like chafing canít stop other people from doing beach workouts.

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